4JFarmm, LLC

​~Enjoy the Ride~

Year Born: 1995 (?)
Breed: Quarter Horse
Gender: Gelding (male)
Color: Roan (Red/Gray Mix)
Story: Hank came to us when his owners’ divorced & couldn’t keep him
Hank is our tallest horse!

year born: 1998
breed: Haflinger
Gender: Mare (female)
Color: palomino
Story: Catlin came to us when her family needed to find her a new home
Quirk: Catlin will paw at the ground when she is ready to “GO”
Catlin is our “blonde bombshell”

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Year Born: 1985 (?)
Breed: Quarter Horse 
Gender: Gelding (male)
Color: Sorrel (Red Brown) 
Story: Scout came to us when his owner retired
Quirk: scout is a “been there done that” kinda horse
Pasture pal with shadow for 20+ years

Year Born:  1998
Breed: grade (mixed)
Gender: Gelding (male)
Color: buckskin (tan with black legs/mane/tail)
Story: Cisco came to us when his owners retired
Quirk: although he looks like a plow pony;  because of his stocky build he is very comfortable to ride

Year Born:  1985 (?)
Breed: POA  (pony of America) 
Gender: Mare (female)
Color: gray (roan)
Story: stormy came to us when her owners had to move cross country & couldn’t take her along
Quirk: although she is our oldest horse, she is everyone’s favorite pony & she is so cute & sweet!!


Year Born: 1996
Breed: Pony 
Gender: mare
Color: Sorrel 
Story: Came to us when her "girl" outgrew her.
Quirk: She's our little rag a muffin.


Year Born: 2000
Breed: quarter horse 
Gender: gelding

Color: Sorrel 
Story: He is Ginger's pasture pal who came along with her.

Quirk: likes to eat everything, including the barn. lol


Year Born: 1997
Breed: Quarter horse/Appaloosa
Gender: gelding
Color: Appaloosa
Story: Came to us sight unseen and we are so happy to have him.
Quirk: His first career was a track pony at the flat track.


Year Born: 1997
Breed: Appaloosa 
Gender: mare
Color: Appaloosa 
Story: When she was the last of her herd, she became part of ours.
Quirk: She was born on Christmas Eve hence her holiday name.


Year Born: 2005

​Breed: Quarter Horse Paint

Gender: Gelding

Color: Bay Roan

Story: Previous owner thought that he would be a better fit for a more experienced rider.

​Quirk: He's good looking but acts goofy.


Year Born: 2007

Breed: Morgan

Gender: Mare

Color: Dark Bay

Story: Previous owner has health issues and could no longer ride.

​Quirk: She is the Boss Mare within her herd of Geldings.


Year Born: 2010

Breed: Standard Bred

Gender: Gelding

Color: Bay

Story: He was injured on the track when he was two and can no longer race, but he's great on trail rides!

Quirk:While riding, he like to shake his head and paw at the ground.

Year Born: 2003
Breed: Quarter Horse Mix
Gender: Mare (female)
Color: Sorrel (Red Brown)
Story: Shawnee is owned by Emma Harwood. She came to us when she didn’t work out for another farm.
Quirk: nearly falls asleep when being brushed!!! Shawnee is The last of the original 4J herd


Year Born: 1997

Breed: Mustang

Gender: Mare

Color: Dark Sorrel

Story: Tonka is owned by Donna Amell. Previous owners retired and moved and they could not take her with them.

​Quirk: She has a freeze tattoo under her mane that only Mustangs have. She  is originally from Nevada.

4J Farmm Riding Horses
All of our horses are other people’s “rescue/retirees”.  They have come from a variety of backgrounds…divorce, kids outgrowing them, retirement & a few that are true rescues.  Although they were no longer a good fit for their previous homes, they have become a great herd of riding horses & we are thankful to God for each one of them.  We look forward to sharing them with you when you come to visit!